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Planmap MAP IDs simplified - Caveat

Planmap PM_ID have been simplified. Links have been updated throughout the wiki, data portal, documents. If you find any broken link to map products on please remove the trailing "_0X" number and notify us (contacts on the Planmap web page)



For information on each map and related published literature, please get in touch with the person(s) listed below. Citable datasets or scientific publications linked to the maps are included in the metadata tables for each map. See

Planmap maps are named as follows:

Map naming

Planmap prefixTarget bodyType (multiple allowed in attached substrings)String or substringSpecific substring

MER = Mercury

MOO = Moon

MAR = Mars

S = Stratigraphic

C = Compositional

M = Morphologic

G = Geo-structural

I = Integrated, Geo-spectral

D = Digital Outcrop / Geologic Model-derived





3cc = 3 classes

5cc =5 classes

 Final maps

Planmap map ID

Target body

Title (location)


Relevant deliverables / description




Contact person

PM-MER-C-BeethovenMercurySpectral indices map of the Beethoven basin, MercuryNon-standardsee D4.3-public01Completed, published
PM-MER-MS-BeethovenMercuryGeological map of Beethoven basin, MercuryNon-standardsee D3.3-public01Embargoed
PM-MER-MS-H05_3ccMercuryHokusai Quadrangle morphostratigraphic map (3 crater classes)Standardsee D2.2-public01Completed, published
PM-MER-MS-H05_5ccMercuryHokusai Quadrangle morphostratigraphic map (5 crater classes)Standardsee D2.2-public01Completed, published
PM-MER-C-H05MercuryHokusai Quadrangle compositional map(s) -Non-standardSee D4.1-publicD4.2-public02Completed, published
PM-MER-MS-H02_3ccMercuryGeologic Map of the Victoria Quadrangle (H02), MercuryNon-StandardIn-kind contribution01

Completed, published
PM-MER-MS-RembrandtMercuryRembrandt basin morphostratigraphic mapNon-Standardsee D2.2-public01Completed, published
PM-MER-C-RembrandtMercurySpectral indices map of the Rembrandt basin, MercuryNon-Standardsee D4.3-public01Completed, published


MercuryGeomodel of Rembrandt basin
see D6.3-public01
PM-MER-MS-LermontovMercuryMorphostratigraphic map of Lermontov crater, MercuryNon-StandardIn-kind contribution01Completed, published
PM-MAR-MS-CrommelinMarsCrommelin crater morphostratigraphic mapNon-Standardsee D2.2-public01Completed, published
PM-MAR-C-CrommelinMarsHokusai Quadrangle compositional map(s)Non-Standardsee D4.1-public01Completed, published
PM-MAR-C-ArsinoesMarsArsinoes Chaos compositional map(s)Non-Standardsee D2.2-public01Completed, published
PM-MAR-D-CrommelinMars3D geomodel of Crommelin craterNon-stanardsee D6.1-public


Completed, published


MarsGeo-stratigraphic Integrated map of Crommelin crater (subset)Non-standardsee D6.3-public01Completed, published 
PM-MAR-MS-ArsinoesMarsArsinoes Chaos morphostratigraphic mapNon-Standardsee D2.2-public01Completed, published
PM-MAR-D-Gale_KimberleyMars3D Models of the Kimberley areaNon-standard/VRsee D5.2-public
see D5.3-public

Completed, published
PM-MOO-C-SPAApolloMoonSPA Apollo Basin compositional map(s)Non-StandardSee D4.2-public01Completed, published
PM-MOO-GS-SPAApollo_DetailMoonDetail spectromorphic map of part of Apollo basinNon-StandardSee D2.4-public01Completed
PM-MOO-MS-SPAApolloMoonSPA Apollo Basin morphostratigraphic mapNon-Standardsee D2.2-public01Completed, published
PM-MOO-MS-CopernicusMoonCopernicus crater morphostratigraphic mapNon-Standardsee D2.2-public01Completed, published
PM-MOO-D-YutuGPRMoonGeological model of Yutu's GPR data on Chang'e III landing siteNon-standardsee D6.2-public01Completed, published
MoonGeological map of the Apollo 11 landing site in southwestern Mare TranquillitatusNon-standardIn kind01Completed, published
PM-MOO-MS-Apollo12MoonGeological map of the Apollo 12 landing site in Oceanus ProcellarumNon-standardIn kind01Completed, published
PM-MAR-D-JezeroMarsEntry SIG data for VR environmentNon-standard/VRsee D5.4-public01Completed, may be released
PM-MAR-D-Oxia_PlanumMarsEntry SIG data for VR environmentNon-standard/VRsee D5.4-public01Completed, may be released

Data access

File-based access

Planmap data (vector, underlying raster, printable maps) are available on the Planmap data archive and web map:


Access to the maps is provided as well as individual file access and donwload options. Citation CC-BY and via DOI when available.


Map-basaed narrative either generic or linked to specific areas, planmap products are available on:

Contribute with your maps



Project-derived code, scripts and alike will be available from the PLANMAP GitHub organisation. Contributions to OpenPlanetary are also planned by individuals/groups (See D7.4-public).

Additional repositories for specific activities, e.g. upcoming workshop are also present or will be added accordingly, e.g.

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