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Planetary mapping


D 7.2

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Data Fusion Portal

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31st May 2019



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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

The Planmap data access and fusion portal is here introduced. Its architecture, functionalities and components are presented. The planmap map portal codebase (See D7.4) and relevant tools are listed and linked from the present deliverable. Data access is provided via file-based, map and programmatic interfaces. Data citation is going to be available via the ESA Guest Storage facility.

List of acronyms

COGCloud-Optimised Geotiff
ESAEuropean Space Agency
ESDCESA Science Data Centre
GISGeographic Information System
OGCOpen Geospatial Consortium
PDFPortable Document Format
WCSWeb Coverage Service


Web Feature Service
WMSWeb Map Service


Planmap data comprise raster and vector data (Rothery et al., 2018, D2.1-public; Rothery et al 2019, D2.2-public ; Rossi et al., 2019, D7.4-public). The iterative process of geologic mapping is based on various data, such as images (geomorphology, morphostratigraphy) and the analysis of morphostratigraphy vs. composition (Zambon et al, 2018, 2019, D4.2 revised (Spectral Index and RGB maps II), D4.2-public). Preliminary products underlying mapping are raster-based, while mapping itself is predominantly vector-based. Final maps are hence constructed on one or more raster layers and one or more vector annotation layers, as well as formatted layout views (map sheets), typically in pdf format.