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Deliverable No.Deliverable NameURL access (latest version, where applicable)PDF (static, frozen at delivery date, see document front page)Date issued/updated
D2.1Mapping standards definition  documentD2.1-public


D2.2Release of geomorphological mapsD2.2-public

 - updated May 2020

D2.3D2.3 Update of Mapping Standards Document/Geo-stratigraphic MapsD2.3-public

D2.4Upgrade of the MSD document and integrated geological maps ready for data fusionD2.4-public

D3.1Stratigraphic chart and absolute model ages of the interior South Pole-Aitken basin, MoonD3.1-public

D3.2Stratigraphic chart and absolute model ages of the Argyre basin and Western Arabia Terra , MarsD3.2-public

D3.3Stratigraphic chart and absolute model ages of the floor of the Beethoven basin on MercuryD3.3-public

D3.4Upgrade of the stratigraphic chart after the integration with compositional unitsD3.4-public

D4.1Spectral index and RGB maps - Version 1D4.1-public


D4.2Spectral index and RGB maps - Version 2D4.2-public

- updated May 2020

D4.3Spectral index and RGB maps - Version 3D4.3-public


D4.4Retrieved compositional unitsD4.4-public

D5.1Merged products (GIS and maps) of orbital and in-situ data of Gale CraterD5.1-public


D5.23D products (geomodels) of the merged GIS and maps of Gale craterD5.2-public

D5.33D geomodels in Virtual Reality

D5.4Release of the products for future landing sitesD5.4-public

D6.13D geo-models based on multiple datasets of Mars (implicit or explicit modelling)D6.1-public



3D geo-models based on multiple datasets of the Moon (implicit or explicit modelling)



D6.33D geo-models based on multiple advanced datasets of Mercury (explicit modelling)D6.3-public


D7.1Data Management Plan - initial version D7.1-public


D7.2Data fusion portalD7.2-public


D7.3Data Management Plan - 1st updateD7.3-public


D7.4Public data/code delivery - Version 1D7.4-public


D7.5Data management plan - 2nd updateD7.5-public


(original )

D7.6Public data/code delivery - Version 2D7.6-public


D7.7Final release of data/code/products as VESPA-compliant dataD7.7-public


D8.1Logo definition


D8.2Public website and social media


D8.3Production of flyers - version 1


D8.4Production of flyers - version 2


D8.5Production of flyers - version 3D8.5-public


D8.6First report on communications

D8.7Second report on communications


D8.8Report on communications – 2nd updateD8.8-public


D8.9Final report on comunication

D8.10Winter school


Web interactive project (story maps)


D8.12Web interactive project (story maps) - updated versionD8.12-public


D8.13Web interactive project (story maps) - final versionD8.13-public

D8.14Production of PLANMAP graphic novel (Outreach special ISSUE)

D8.15CAVE Representation